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Tri-Cities Amateur Championship
















ELIGIBILITY:  Applications are open to all residents in the Tri-Cities area, or who are a member of a club in the Tri-Cities area, and meet the USGA definition of an amateur golfer and possess a USGA Handicap from a TGA or VSGA Member Club or course.  All applications will be reviewed to verify that each entrant has an official USGA Handicap Index.  Any amateur whose name does not appear on the handicap roster will be ineligible.  Seniors must be 50 years of age by July 13th to be eligible.  The Tri-Cities area includes the following:  TN Counties - Washington, Johnson, Sullivan, Unicoi, Greene, Grainger, Claiborne, Hancock, Hawkins & Carter.  VA Counties - Lee, Scott, Washington & Wise.

FIELD/ACCEPTANCE:  Entry applications for the Amateur Championship (both divisions) will be accepted based on the Food City Amateur Tour Points Standings. If there are spots open in either division, the TGF will fill those spots with entrants on the respective waiting lists. Wait list applications for both divisions will be accepted based on each entrant’s official USGA Handicap Index® as of July, 2014 revision. Entrants will be notified immediately after the entry deadline as of their status in the field.  A full field is 48 players.

ENTRY DEADLINE:  All players must file an application by the entry deadline – TBD 2014 – 5:00 p.m. EDT - to be eligible to compete in the Championship.  Late applications are not accepted.

ENTRY FEE:  $135.  Entry fee includes all fees for the Championship Proper (practice round can be played for additional $20 cart fee).

SCHEDULE:   Saturday TBD – 12 pm start on Hole #1 – Pairings based on Points
                        Sunday TBD – 8 am start on Hole #1 – Pairings based on round 1 scores

REFUNDS:  No refund will be issued after the entry deadline except for illness or injury. To receive a refund due to illness or injury, the request must be made in writing and accompanied by a doctor's statement. For a refund before the entry deadline, a $15.00 withdrawal fee will be charged to anyone withdrawing from a tournament for any reason except for illness/injury with doctor’s statement.

FOOD CITY CUP TEAM:  The winner of the Amateur Championship and Senior Amateur Championship will receive exemptions onto the Food City Cup Team that will compete against the PGA Professionals.  The date and location are TBD.  The top 6 regular division players and top 4 senior division players based on Points will round out the team.

RULES OF GOLF:  Play will be governed by the USGA Rules of Golf.  All questions shall be settled by the Committee in charge of the competition, whose decision is final.

PRIZES:  The Amateur Champion and Senior Amateur Champion will receive trophies.  The top 8 regular and top 4 senior division players will receive gift certificates, based on a full field.










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