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Frequently Asked Questions

How to determine the official age of the junior for competition.
A junior golfer’s age for the Junior Amateur Championship will be determined by their age on June 23rd, 2023

How does a junior qualify for the Junior Amateur Championship at The Virginian?
A junior must record at least three rounds from qualifiers. The average of the three best scores will be used to determine our top eight qualifiers in each division.

Is the Junior Amateur Series the only way to qualify?
No. Juniors who play on the Sneds Tour may use those rounds to qualify for the Championship, however, they must play in at least one of the Tri-Cities Series events to be eligible.

What juniors are eligible?
Those juniors who live in a county where a Tri-Cites Chapter PGA facility is located or belong to a Tri-Cities PGA facility. Juniors who do not meet either of these requirements will not be eligible for the Championship but may play in the regular season events.

How much is it to play?
$32 per series event for 18 holers, $20 for 9 holers.  Sneds Tour Members will receive a discount per event. There will be no charge at the finals for juniors.

What happens if some of my juniors want to play in the series events, but not the finals?
That’s fine.  If not, we will take him or her off the list. It is our hope, however, that they will want to play if they earn the right to qualify. It’s a great experience and will help them compete better in the future.

Is there any other way to qualify for the finals?
Yes. The prior year’s champions will qualify. They are also encouraged to participate in the series events if they would like. The committee also reserves the right to fill the field with invitations to players, if and only if, the junior is well qualified.

Will there be trophies for the winners at the series events?
Yes. We will have trophies for first, second, and third place in each division at each series event and at the finals. A junior will be able to win more than one trophy.

Can a junior play "up" an age division if his/her age division doesn't play 18 holes?

Juniors can play "up" but must decide which division they would like to participate in before the season starts and must play in that age division for the entire season.  Juniors can not play "down".​​


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