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Tri-Cities PGA Junior Series

The Tri-Cities PGA has created the Junior Amateur Series in hopes of adding an avenue for kids to play during the summer.  The Series will host 3 events in the Tri-Cities area from April through July with the Championship being held at The Virginian Golf Club on July 24-25.  The Series is designed for all abilities and will have different age divisions.  So if you are new to golf or you have been playing for years, be sure to sign up for these local events!  These events are a great compliment to the Sneds Tour and scores from both the Sneds Tour and the Junior Amateur Series will be used to determine the qualifiers for the Championship at The Virginian.

Note:  If you are already a member of the Sneds Tour, use the same username and password for Tri-Cities PGA Junior Series events.  If you wish to play in both the Sneds Tour and the Tri-Cities PGA Junior Series, sign up for the Sneds Tour Membership.  If you only wish to play in Tri-Cities PGA Junior Series events, sign up under the "Tri-Cities" registration heading.




Pricing & Divisions

Jr. Amatuer Championship




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